What Do Women Want From Men in a Relationship?

What Do Women Want From Men in a Relationship?

What Do Women Want From Men in a Relationship? Couple taking shower together -

A woman may want many things in a man, but if there are a few things that make a difference, this is it. So what do women want from men? Find out here.

It’s not easy to please a woman.

Or that’s what many men who have lost in love think.

Pleasing a woman isn’t just about catering to her whims.

In reality, understanding what women want from men is all about realizing what it takes to be a good man and even better company.

If you can understand what it takes to become a better man, you’d surely understand what women want in a perfect man.

But for starters, here is a list of simple things that can make your woman feel like she’s hit the jackpot on you.

What do women want from men?

It all comes down to simple things, really.

But it’s always the simple things that are the hardest, isn’t it, especially when you don’t realize the importance of the little things that really matter.

Use these pointers here, and your woman will feel more loved and happy than ever before.

A man who can woo her often

Remember the first few weeks of love where you tried everything you could think of to impress your woman?

It’s a little thought that’s almost always forgotten by men once they get into a serious relationship.

While the first flush of excited love may flicker out for men, it never does for women. Women like to be treated with love and affection.

Look for ways to brighten her day, and always remember those special days that matter. When you look for ways to make your woman smile, you’ll inevitably find yourself smiling a lot too.

Women like being envied

If you can make your girlfriend or wife feel better than the other women around her, she’ll be grateful and will fall more in love with you every day. All of us base our own relationships on the relationships we see all around us. If others cheat, we assume we have to cheat too. If other boyfriends treat their girlfriends better, we assume we have to do it too.

But instead of waiting for someone else to get the best boyfriend title, take the lead. Surprise your woman with flowers at her workplace, plan special dinners and take off on little vacations. Make your woman feel like she’s having the best relationship in the world, and you’ll be just the man she would love to be with forever, even if there’s a lot of competition in the air.

A man who can appreciate her

You may constantly look for ways to please your woman. But if she doesn’t acknowledge your gestures, wouldn’t you feel let down and annoyed? Women feel that too. Always appreciate your woman, even for the smallest of her gestures to please you. And remember, as much as the big things in love matter, it’s the little things that count.

Be the man who makes her proud

Pride is a shallow trait, but it does have its benefits too. Women love a man who is successful in his own path. Are you proud of what you do every day? If you’re happy with your own life, your woman will be happy for you too. Be the man who is proud of his achievements, and your woman will definitely be proud of you. And when she’s proud of the person you are, she’ll only love you more.

A man who makes her feel lucky

Women want a man who can look good and dress well. Be the man your woman will be happy to show off to her friends and other guys who try to hit on her. When her friends envy her or comment on how charming you are, your woman can’t help but blush and realize how lucky she is to be with you.

A charmer who can make her laugh

Girls love a guy with a sense of humor. You don’t have to be a clown to impress your girl, but you do need to look at the happy side of everything now and then. A serious boyfriend may be great for family planning in the future but a fun guy is perfect all year around.

A man who’s loved by her family and friends

When you date a woman on a long term, her friends start to become your friends. And the same goes with family too. Do you take the effort to make her friends and family like you? Women want a man who can not only get along with her friends, but someone who can help her friends have a great time when he’s around.

A guy who knows what he wants

Women like a man who has found a purpose to his life. If you’re wondering what women want from men in a relationship, you really need to think about your own focus in life. Do you see where you’re heading and what you wish to do a few years down the lane? Be determined and ambitious, and your woman will share your dream and help you climb the mountains in your path.

A man who cares about his woman

At the beginning of a new relationship, you may be exceptionally concerned about your girlfriend. Don’t stop that just because your relationship has passed the flirty start already. Women love men who care about them and pay attention to their needs and interests. Showing care and concern reassures your woman and lets her know that you still pay attention to her and her needs.

Women want a good listener

The art of listening is one of the delicate strings that hold a relationship together. When you don’t listen to your partner, both of you may end up straying or confiding to someone else outside the relationship. Be a good listener and pay attention to what she feels and says. There always has to be good communication in any successful relationship.

A man she can depend on

If your woman asks you for a favor, do you try your best to perform the favor to the best of your abilities? Most men don’t. They just find it easier to do a bad job so they can be excused from future errands. Don’t be that guy.

Be the man your woman can depend on. Learn to be trustworthy and dependable, it’s the easiest way to eliminate fear and helpless frustrations in romance.

Women love a guy who can get naughty

Look for ways to make her laugh now and then. It doesn’t matter if it’s a naughty bedroom trick or a witty humorous prank. Women love seeing a fun side in a serious guy. It keeps the child in you alive, and it’ll definitely make her more excited to be with you.

A man who considers his woman an equal

Respect for each other is rather important in any relationship. Do you really respect your woman and think she’s just as capable as you? Both of you may not have the same qualities or talents, but as long as you respect your woman and truly understand that she’s just as good as you, and may even be better than you in more ways than one, you’ll learn to admire her and take her seriously. And women want that in a man they’re going to share their life with.

So what do women want from men in a relationship? Use these pointers for starters, and you’ll definitely be able to make a great impression and keep her ecstatic in love at the same time. 

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