What Is Blepharitis? Its Common Signs And Symptoms


– The meaning of blepharitis and why does it occur.

– The symptoms that are common to this condition.

Quite a large number of us know how important the eyes are in the human body. You don’t know the importance of the eyes yet? Then shut your eyes firmly for a while, then start walking around, then you will discover one of the benefits of having the eyes intact.

Eye infection.

The care of the eys is very important because if the eyes are impaired, many of our activities get affected. Can you imagine working without your eyes in good shape? Of course, it will be bad.

As important as the eyes are, we have some protective layers of the eyes, these help to protect the eyes from having a direct contact with the danger of any sort.

The eyelids serve as a protective layer for the eyes. The eyelid is a thin skin membrane that covers and moves over the eyes.

When we talk of blepharitis, it refers to an inflammation of the eyelids. When this disease occurs, the eyelid especially the part where the eyelashes grow are inflamed.

Symptoms of blepharitis.

Blepharitis is also a condition that can cause clumping, that is, a cluster of lumps in the eyelids. When this condition plagues an individual, stickiness of the eyelids can also occur.

Also, when this condition occurs, the individual that is affected will experience a sensation such as an obstacle or a blockage in the eyelids. The eyelids might also feel heavy and out of normal.

There are certain signs and symptoms that are common with this condition, they include the following;

1. The person will experience a burning sensation in the eyelids.
2. Itchiness of the eyes can also occur.
3. Redness of the eyes and swelling of the eyes.
4. The eyes will also become sticky and clumpy, this can even lead to a loss of eyelashes.
5. Crusty or flaky eyes.
6. Also, a high sensitivity to light can occur.
7. The affected person also tend to blink more than usual or ordinary.