Warning! 10 Foods Ulcer Patients Shouldn’t Eat

Warning! 10 Foods Ulcer Patients Shouldn’t Eat

13-foods-that-can-make-you-sick-no-6-is-very-important Warning! 10 Foods Ulcer Patients Shouldn't Eat
Fatty meat

Knowing the right food to eat and taking the prescribed medication might suppress if not eliminate the effects of Ulcer. However, eating any of the foods listed below would worsen the health condition of an Ulcer patient.

Coffee and Carbonated Beverages

According to a study in July 1991 from the “Medical Clinics of North America,” caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee and tea should be avoided because they stimulate acid production and can cause indigestion, especially in individuals with stomach ulcers. The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) also recommends avoiding carbonated beverages, such as soda, for the same reason.

Corn and mushrooms

It’s hard to digest corn or mushrooms, says Dr. Kane.

“We eat it, we chew it, but for the most part, those corn kernels are still going all the way through you whole.”

This can cause GI irritation and diarrhea in those with ulcer, so many choose to avoid these during a flare-up.

Dr. Kane recommends that IBD patients follow a low-residue diet while they are experiencing symptoms; this means avoiding anything that won’t digest totally, such as corn, mushrooms, roughage like broccoli and cabbage, and small, hard foods like seeds and nuts.


Like seeds, nuts that aren’t ground up or broken down well enough can cause discomfort both during digestion and bowel movements. But (unless you have an allergy), you don’t have to give up those healthy fats completely: Nuts that are ground into smooth nut butters are generally OK, says Cepo.


In an article published in December 2000 in the “American Journal of Gastroenterology”, researchers confirmed that alcohol intake increases gastroesophageal reflex (GERD), which is known to aggravate stomach ulcers. Alcohol can irritate and erode the lining of the stomach and small intestine and should be avoided by individuals with stomach ulcers because of the potential for bleeding and inflammation.

Fatty meats

Fatty meats should be avoided by ulcer patients because they make things worse.

Choose leaner cuts of meat, and remember that the more thoroughly you chew it, the less likely it will make your symptoms worse, says Cepo

Meat in ground form like in meatballs, meat sauce, or meatloaf is generally easier to tolerate than a tough cut of steak, for example.

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