Why You Should Try Eating Lizard

Unique Health Benefits of Eating Lizard

Unique Health Benefits of Eating Lizard
Unique Health Benefits of Eating Lizard

Lizard is one kind of reptile that belong to order Squamata or in the same class to snake.They different from snake because they got legs and having external ear hole, they also have eyelids which can be moved while snakes do not possess these characteristics.

It will surely sound weird but it is true that some people eat lizard as their meal.

Although, People all over the world do not generally consume consume lizard as cooking purpose but most time used as medicine.

We all known that We can easily find lizard in our home or in the garden around the environment. Lizard can be found everywhere in every continent in this world.

Despite the fact that lizard has a very important role in keeping the environment balance by demonstrating in the food chain of an area, it’s predators of certain insects and bug which is harmful for plant and human.

They consume mostly pest on the field and also mosquito inside home which then helps a lot to keep us from deadly diseases

For a long period of time now the consumption of lizard in Asia has really gone high because it’s considered over there as extreme snack.

So many people in countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines created their own recipe to cook and consume lizard just because lizard meat on it’s own doesn’t sound tasty, There are also markets over there too that specialize on lizard meat and some other market who sold such exotic meat in those countries let people to buy and bring the lizard meat home.

There are a lot of people who are used to eating lizard have with different purposes and benefits of eating it.

It’s a well known fact that the Asian residents knows that lizard meat contains some amount of nutrients in which they totally believe can cure a number of disease and keep healthy body.

From close and actualized studies, it has been discovered that lizard meat contains high amino acid and proteins.

Lizard meat also contains verities of nutrients such as tyrosine, phenylalanine, trypthopan and histidine in low level. Its is so alarming that this nutrients makes the lizard meat as one kind of meat that surpassed essential nutrients to the body.

Wonderful Benefits of Eating Lizard Meat

1. It Provides energy

In one ounces of lizard meat contain 50kcal so therefore, lizard meat contains some amount of calories which is almost same with every other types of meat like chicken and so on.

To fulfill daily intake of 1500kcal, you need to consume almost 2 pounds of lizard meat.

2. It Fights cancer

It has been proven that a cancer patient in Bogor, Indonesia has proved this benefits. Doctor in a hospital suggested a cancer patient to eat lizard meat.

It definitely sound alarming but it’s the truth that lizard meat can be used to treat and fight cancer. After the cancer patient above ate 3 lizards meat everyday and after six months doctor examined him and it was a shocking recovery from cancer.

3. It Prevents asthma attack

The intake of lizard meat as believed can cure and prevent asthma attack. Maybe this benefits is provided by the presence of certain amino acid that has repairing impact in respiratory muscle.

Asthma is an allergy which occur in respiratory tract and usually people with asthma will be difficult to breath during asthma attack.

4. It Cure epilepsy

A lot of People in Asia continent has always use lizard meat as medicine to prevent and cure many health problem like epilepsy.

As know epilepsy, a disorder which occur in neurological system. Eating lizard that contains protein regularly can help to cure neurological disorder and maintain healthy nerves

5. It Heal skin disease

It is also known that meat of most reptile such as snake, lizard or iguana can cure skin problem.

Alot of people eat lizard meat to heal itchy skin and some other skin disease such as eczema, and psoriasis. They even drain the meat then turned into powder and put in capsule skin.

6. Promote long life

It has been noticed that the oldest man on earth which live in Bolivia has passed his 123 years and survived cause he regularly eat lizard meat until now.

Carmelo Flores Laura still alive today and has 16 grandchildren and 39 great-grand-children. He still strong enough to walk along some kilometers everyday.

7. It Prevent from stroke

Lizard meat contains protein which can help to maintain healthy blood vessel and prevent atherosclerosis..

Stroke mostly happen in people who suffer heart and cardiovascular disease.