This is for the make up artists. Facial Make up!

This is for the make up artists. Facial Make up!’s the new trend in town now as so many people are venturing to the fast rising business so fast! A very good business to venture in if taken seriously with passion. While some people catch so much fun doing it…some people get frustrated because their objective is only to make money.

This is for the make up artists. Facial Make up!
This is for the make up artists. Facial Make up!

No! I won’t deny the fact that u’ll make your cash if u’re a MUA…I won’t also deny fact that u’ll have to be exceptionally good and passionate about the job for you to make your dough as a result of its competitiveness. It’s like the only business still surviving in Nigeria as at now,so, so many young people venture into it,without even taking into consideration what it entails! Everyone want to become a MUA.

It takes A lot of commitments! A lot of upgrades! A lot of financial sacrifices! A lot of readings and learnings! A lot of stressful journeys! A lot of clients to tolerate! A lot of disappointments to be used to! A lot of competition around!…to mention a few.

But in all…keeping your head up high and being industrious passionately makes the difference! I mustn’t overlook the fact that you must be good too! You must be very good! For u to be promoted,featured, contacted,booked, you must be good! Exceptionally good and distinct! And soon ull see yourself soaring high.

Upcoming MUA’s Shouldn’t be discouraged…just a lil bit of training and working on yourself will get you there…do not let any day pass you by without learning or practising something new. Be confident in yourself and apart from learning one or two things from the PRO MUAs do not compare your work with theirs! You’ll end up being frustrated!

Most of these PRO MUAs make use of very expensive professional cameras to edit their jobs! U can’t compare the beautiful work u did and snapped with a phone with the work you see taken with a camera worth 850k!

So please…be confident in yourself. Do not be intimidated. To me…make up is blending beauty with nature… Wen it’s no more natural then it’s no more make up. Make up should enhance your beauty and not drastically change it.

People should see your client and see simplicity yet elegance! And to our dear clients…pls treat us well. We love u and we spend most time discovering stuffs to make you look elegant! So please, encourage us by paying well,by appreciating our jobs instead of finding faults in them. We love you.

When next i’m opportuned, on this platform,I’ll be writing about the difference between ‘make up’ and ‘make over’…(I’m sure you can’t wait to read that). Thanks for taking your time to read this piece! have a great day ahead! This is for the make up artists. Facial Make up!

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