Sorry! 5 Signs You’ve Been Friendzoned

Sorry! 5 Signs You’ve Been Friendzoned


You’re referred to as ‘brother’ or ‘Bestie’

This is usually the first clear sign you’ve been friend zoned. Once a girl starts to refer to you as her brother, or point out the fact that she sees you as a brother, you my friend have just been given a one-way ticket to the friend zone. Enjoy your ride.

You go from having flirtatious conversations to providing friendly advise on how to snag a guy

A girl who wants more than friendship from you would typically not seek your help in snagging another guy. If she starts to share relationship or single life woes with you, and is seeking your advise on these matters, you’ve been moved to the friend zone.

She evades every attempt you make at getting intimate

There you are seated in the car after a nice evening out and you’re all puckered up for a good night kiss and she dodges you like a bullet, as she does every attempt you make to express your feelings towards her. Bye, Felicia.

She hooks you up with other people

Once a girl points out that you could be a great candidate for her friend or someone she knows, you’ve been friend zoned.

I love you…..Like a friend

This statement right here is one of those few lines that can give you all of those smiles that you wished for and the next moment kick you hard below your.. you know what. “I LOVE YOU..LIKE A FRIEND” should get the award for being the most cunningly designed statements that maintains the equilibrium between hope and hopelessness. You will read it over and over. Smile like you almost did it, but believe it or not….. This is the final seal of your detention to the dooms of THE FRIENDZONE.