Simple Tips To Curb Smelly Shoes


– How to prevent or stop your shoes from smelling.

– What are the things that cause your shoes to smell?

Shoe odor is something that many of us encounter, at one time or the other, we all experience smelly shoes. Whenever this happens, we always look for a way out, we always want to put a stop to it.

Most of the times, when you wear closed shoes all day long, your shoes or even your feet can start to smell.

Also, we sweat everywhere, in fact, some people sweat on their palm, on their feet and in every part of the body. The accumulation of sweat in any part of the body can lead to odor.

If there is an accumulation of sweat in your armpit you will have armpit odor, so also, if it is the body, body odor can occur. This same thing is applicable to your feet.

However, to get rid of smelly shoes can pose a challenge to many individuals. Some people even do not get the time to place their footwears where there is proper ventilation ( fresh air).

The major causes that make your shoe smell include the following;

  • Wearing a shoe or footwear for too long can cause it.
  • Sweating on the feet is also another cause. The accumulation of sweat will lead to odor.

    Why your shoe smell.
  • Injuries or wounds on the feet.
  • Inadequate exposure of the feet to fresh air can also cause it.

The simple ways to get rid of smelly shoes or shoe odor include the following;

1. Have a proper feet hygiene, wash your feet regularly to ensure that no sweat is present on the feet.
2. Also, wear a shoe that fits you properly, not too tight and not too loose.
3. Avoid wearing shoes for too long,
4. Cultivate the habit of wearing shoes that are well-ventilated.

How to curb smelly shoes.

5. Alternate your shoes do not just wear one shoe for a long period of time, interchange your shoes.
6. Also, dry your shoes at regular intervals.
7. Make use of talcum powder, it helps to prevent the odor.
8. You can also use an antiperspirant on your feet.
9. You can also apply baking soda or baking powder on your shoes.
10. Whenever you have wet shoes, do not keep them in the room, dry them.