Side Effects Of An Antiseptic

An antiseptic

– Adverse effects of antiseptics to the health.

– Things you need to know about antiseptics.

An antiseptic is a substance that helps to prevent infection in wounds by killing the bacteria present in the wound. Before you can use an antiseptic, there must be an occurrence of an injury.

That is, you don’t apply antiseptics when you have not procured any injury.

Despite the enormous benefits we can get from using antiseptics, there are still some dark sides of its usage. Since there is nothing that has benefits and will not have its side effects.

Also, antiseptics are used in the hospital or clinic, health care settings and other medical centers. Agents that we can find in an antiseptic include; alcohol, phenols, iodine, and chlorine.

An antiseptic.

These agents in antiseptics have good microbial resistance. They serve as an essential part of infection control in wounds. They also stop the contamination of wounds.

The benefits of using antiseptics are numerous but there are also side effects of using antiseptics.
The following are the side effects of antiseptics:

1.When you apply an antiseptic on a wound it can cause severe itching, this is common for most people. The application of an antiseptic tends to make itching severe and sometimes unbearable.

2.It can also lead to quivering which is often involuntary. This means the person with the wound may start to shake slightly and make slight movements unconsciously.

3. Another side effect of using antiseptic on a wound is that it can lead to inflammation of the skin. If the person has skin allergies, he can have inflammation when there is an application of antiseptics.

Side effects of using antiseptics.

4. Dizziness and drowsiness can also occur. It makes some people feel drowsy (sleepy) while others may feel that everything around them is spinning which can, in turn, make them lose balance.

5. It can also lead to the redness of the skin.

Other adeverse effects include; a  headache, blurry vision, feeling cold, throwing up, twitching, etc.