Life Tips: How to Live An Independent Life

Life Tips: How to Live An Independent Life

Building self-confidence
Building self-confidence

Independent living…..

If you’re going to live a full life; you’re going to have to do it on your own terms. You need to find your rhythm and your own direction instead of just doing what everyone else says.

Being independent is automatic when you attain adulthood; it is something you have to work out and maintain in the course of your life. This is because there are a lot of things and idea that compete with your desire to be independent. However you still need to find your independence in order to live in such a way that brings you joy and fulfilment.

Here are some tips for independent living:

Know what you want

Finding out what you want is greatly dependent on finding and knowing yourself; you need to take time discover yourself; your dreams, passions, strengths, weakness, etc.

As you take time to find out these things, you will be able narrow down what you want, need and would like to do.

Follow Your Instincts

Following your instincts requires self-understanding but it also requires confidence. There will always be ideas that you have that do not have any reference in expertise or experience. If you don’t trust your natural drive and this is key to creating and following your own path.

Assert yourself

Knowing what you want and obeying your instincts will require you to assert yourself and affirm your own perspective. Many people, especially those closest to you, will not always approve of your plans or agree with your decisions.

You have to stand firm for what you want and be ready to disagree even with those who may want the best for you. You have to understand that you will end miserable and unfulfilled, if you keep abandoning your own plans for other people’s opinions. It’s not independent or authentic living

Take responsibility

Many people acquiesce their autonomy to others because they do not want to be responsible for the consequences of the things that happen; they’d prefer to have someone to blame.

When you make a decision, you have to take responsibility for it. Independence requires you to accept the consequences of your decisions and actions.

Don’t be afraid

All of the preceding tips for independent living require one major thing; courage. You will have  some fear every time you have assert your independence but you cannot give in to fear. Fear makes people unable to function in their fullest potential and eventually, unable to shine and live their best lives.