Keloid; Symptoms And Prevention

Keloid; Symptoms And Prevention

– Some important facts that you need to know about keloids.

– The meaning of keloids, causes, symptoms, and prevention.

A keloid refers to a hard raised growth of scar tissue at the site of an injury. Often times, keloids are smooth, hard, benign growths that form when scar tissue grows excessively.

When we say a keloid is benign, it means it is non-cancerous. Anyone can develop a keloid, regardless of the sex or gender.

Also, it is important to note that people usually develop keloids between the ages of 10 and 30, it is very rare for old people to have it.

According to research, keloids are often not harmful to the health, that is, they do not pose a health danger. Nevertheless, they serve as a means of concern.

Keloid; Symptoms And Prevention
Things to know about keloids.

If an individual has it he/she might not stay calm, regardless that it is not detrimental to the health.

There are some factors that can lead to an individual developing keloids, risk factors include the following; being pregnant, being younger than 30, family record, being an Asian or a Latino heritage.

Also, keloids tend to have a genetic component, this means that you have the tendency to develop a keloid if one or both of your parents have them before.

Other causes of a keloid include the following;
Fibrous tissue, acne scars, skin injury, burns, chickenpox scars, ear piercing, scratches, surgical incision sites, vaccination sites, etc.

Also, there are some symptoms that serve as signals to the condition. So, if an individual has a keloid the following are the signs or symptoms that the person might have;

Body itching and an area of the body that is flesh-colored, pink, or red in color. Another symptom is an area that continues to grow larger with scar tissue over time.

Body irritation, discomfort, tenderness are also symptoms that can accompany a keloid.
a lumpy or ridged area of skin that’s usually raised.

Preventions of keloids include the following;

  • Avoid getting body piercings.
  • Stay away from unnecessary surgeries.
  • Stop getting tattoos on your body.

Treatments for keloid scarring are not always effective. However, it is important to seek medical attention if you have this condition in your body.