How To Make More Time For Yourself

How To Make More Time For Yourself

Finding time…

Life can get so busy and hectic that you wonder if you have less than 24 hours in your days. Before you’re done with one thing, another is coming up; everything seems so important, so urgent, you don’t where to start or where to stop. You are tired, you are weak, your life seems to be passing you by and you get angry because at the end of it all, you didn’t even achieve as much as you wanted.

You can’t go through life all stressed with no time to enjoy yourself or take care of yourself; it’s not wise and neither is it convenient. Stress and over-business have sent many into depression, sickness and even an early grave. This is why you must do something about it now.

Here some tips on creating more time for yourself;

Re-order your priorities

Most times all you need to do to free up your schedule and give yourself more time to enjoy life is to re-examine and re-order your priorities. Your schedule is most likely clogged with a lot of things that are not important or necessary.

Don’t try to do everything now

Sometimes you need to postpone some plans and activities; you don’t need to do everything now. Take the pressure of yourself and allow yourself to postpone those goals, plans and commitments that you simply don’t have the time to accomplish or fulfill now.

Realize you can’t help everybody

People-pleasers always end up being over-whelmed. Learn to say no, realise that you’re not responsible for everyone’s problem. If you were not around or alive, all those people who seem to need you so much would get along fine.

You need yourself more than they need you; if you break down, you won’t be able to help anyone.

Ask for help

You can’t do everything alone; you need help and support. Maybe you simply need to ask for help for your schedule to get leaner and for you to be able to take things slower.

Take a break

Everything may be so confusing and scattered because you need to step away from it all to be able to handle it better.

Take a break, rest and refresh yourself so that when you come back you can have a better grip on things and get more done.

Shed that idea that if you take a break, everything will go to pieces. If you don’t take a break, you will go to pieces.