High BP: 3 Things You Are Doing Wrong

High BP: 3 Things You Are Doing Wrong

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It isn’t alarming that more than one in three adults have high blood pressure. But what we do not know are the everyday factors that lead to hypertension without our knowing. So, take a look at the following and know if you are going wrong.

1 Eating Chinese food

We all love Chinese but turns out that the sodium content in some food items of this cuisine is quite high, and way surpasses the daily requirement. The sauces that are used in the preparation of Chinese dishes, including Soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Bean sauce and Garlic sauce, are abundantly rich in sodium.

2. Wrong gyming habits

Turns out that wrong gyming habits and an excessive intake of protein supplements may result in stressing the body and pushing adrenaline levels. Thus, the best piece of advice is to listen to your body and stick to realistic goals with enough time frame.

3. Daytime naps are bad

A recent study has revealed that stealing forty winks in the day also leads to an increased risk of high blood pressure. A survey showed that those who take daytime naps had an increased risk of high blood pressure by 13-19 percent.