Health benefits Of Taking Mangoes


– The importance of taking mango fruit.

– Reasons to include mangoes in our daily diet.

A mango is a fruit that is commonly loved by many people due to its sweet, succulent and satisfactory taste. In fact, people refer to mango as the “king of the fruits”, this is to show the extent of which people love mangoes.

Also, its amazingly delicious taste, unique flavor and fragrance as well as health promoting qualities have made it earn the name of “the king of fruits.”

Both young and old like to eat mangoes. However, aside from the sweet taste of a mango fruit, there are certain health benefits that a mango has.

Mangoes are also one of the most popular fruit in tropical countries because the mango tree is basically a tropical tree that we cultivate in many parts of the world.

Each part of a mango fruit has its benefits and peculiarities, from the seed to the fruit, to the tree, to the bark and even to the flesh of a mango fruit.

Also, there are different types, shapes, sizes, and colours of mangoes, they are in diverse forms and can be selected based on the fancy and taste of an individual.

We should not just eat a mango because of its juicy and tasty nature. There are some health benefits of eating, mangoes that we should be aware of.

Some benefits of eating mangoes include;

1.Mangoes contain powerful antioxidant compounds such as; fisetin, methyl gallate, gallic acid, quercetin. These compounds protect the body from prostate, colon breast, and blood cancers.

2. A mango fruit also contains Vitamin A and some flavonoids such; beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin and these are essential for eye health.

Benefits of mangoes

3. Mangoes also help the digestive system. They contain certain enzymes that help in the breaking down of the food we eat.

4. They also boost the immune system and lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

5. Mangoes also contain potassium which helps to control blood pressure, heart rate and also fights against certain cardiovascular diseases that pose dangers to the health.