Guys, 10 Signs You’ve Been Friend-Zoned

Guys, 10 Signs You’ve Been Friend-ZonedFunny LifeStyle, Couple, Love, relationships questions to ask on a first date

Many times, we get obsessed with people, yearn for an intimate relationship when they would rather we remain friends. And it is worse for the men who mistake a woman’s laughter, jokes and playfulness as signs that she wants something more, until they are made to face reality in the toughest way possible.

Which could be dangerous to both parties.

Many times, we read the stories of girls and women who became acid attack victims, and whose lives changed after their attackers couldn’t have their way with them.

Without making light of this topic, it important to know that you, as a man, can not get just any girl you think you want; she must consent to a relationship, else she leaves you in the safe zone now called ‘the friend zone’, treating you with civility.

So, the big question:

See some of the responses from folks who have been in that situation and are now dishing nuggets to folks free of charge.











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