Dangers Of Consuming Excess Seasoning


– Why you should not eat seasoning excessively.

– The dark sides of eating seasoning that you need to know.

As many of us already know, seasoning is a seasoning that many women, men (chefs) use in the preparation of certain delicacies to sweeten it and to make the dis enjoyable.

Seasoning is something that you will find in almost every home because hardly can anyone cook some types up foods without adding it.

However, despite the good sides of seasoning that is, (adding taste to our foods), there are some dark sides of consuming it.

Even if your food requires seasoning, you should add or use it moderately to avoid certain health risks that are attached to its excessive consumption.

However, there are other ingredients that you can use instead of seasoning that contributes certain health benefits to the health. Such ingredients include; locust beans, ginger, honey etc.

Also, it contains excess sail and this is dangerous to the health. Excess salt is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. That is why many patients that are with the disease are to refrain from salt.

The dangers of consuming seasoning in excess include the following;

1. The amount of Sodium in seasoning is too much and excess sodium will not do any good to the health. This is one of the reasons you must refrain from the consumption of seasoning.

Dangers of excess seasoning.

2. Consuming it can also expose us to the risk of high blood pressure.

3. It also contains Trans fat and this can increase the risk of developing coronary artery disease.

4. It can also increase LDL ( bad cholesterol and decrease HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood stream.

5. Also, if consumed in excess, seasoning can cause symptoms such as a headache, numbness, and tingling, stomach upset, muscle tightness, burning sensation of the mouth and also the general weakness of the body.