Why Eating Fried Foods Is Dangerous To The Health


– Reasons to stay away from frying foods.

– The side effects of eating fried foods.

Many of us eating foods that pass through the frying process, probably because it tastes different and sweeter than other categories of food.

Also, when someone is frying food, you perceive the aroma faster than any other food and you begin to salivate and anticipate consuming the food.

Also, many people love to fry most of their food items rather than cooking it. We see people frying foods like yam, potato fish, meat, chicken, egg, etc.

Eating healthy.

A large number of people cannot eat certain foods such as potato, yam, meat, fish, an egg without frying them. In some cases, boiling these foods alone is enough for them, you do not necessarily have to fry them.

We acquire a large portion of our daily fats and oils through the food we eat. Fried foods can pose danger to our health.

When we fry foods, we add unnecessary fats to the food and this increase a number of calories in the food.

Therefore, it is necessary to think twice before eating fried foods because while munching the delicious food, you are adding extra fats and extra calories to your body.

Also, there are certain reasons that will make us reduce the rate at which we fry our foods before eating.

SOme of the reasons why fried foods are dangerous to the health are;

1. When we fry a food deeply in the oil, there is a quick multiplication in a number of calories present in the food. Excess calories are dangerous to the health, so we should avoid it.

Reasons to avoid frying foods.

2. Also, frying food reduces some vital nutrients and minerals in the food.

3. When we eat too much of fried foods, we acquire saturated fats and this is not healthy for the health.

4. Eating excess fried foods can also cause chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Eating these foods increases the risk of having these diseases.

5. Eating a lot of calories through fried foods can also lead to being overweight.

6. Also, when you fry proteins, they into acrolein or ‘carcinogen’. Eating these foods can create holes in the arteries and can also cause strokes.

7. They also cause Alzheimer and lead to the malfunctioning of the human brain.



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