Dark Sides Of Eating Red Meat


– Some dangers that are attached to eating red meat.

– What you should know about the consumption of red meat.

Red meat refers to meat that is dark red in color when they are uncooked. Examples of red meat include beef, pork, lamb meat, mutton, and veal.

These meats are from animal sources and they also enrich our diet. A red meat is rich in protein and is also rich in vital minerals and essential vitamins.

When we eat red meats, they help in improving the overall health. However, we can derive the benefits of eating red meat when we eat it moderately.

Excess intake of red meat has an adverse effect on the health. Some of the adverse effects of eating red meat include the following;

1. When you eat red meat, especially in excess, they add cholesterol and saturated fats to your diet and this can pose a great danger to the lining of the arteries.

This increases the risk of heart attack and heart diseases, it also endangers cardiovascular health in general.

2. Also, eating red meat in excess is likely to cause cancer but this is not clear-cut. There is no concrete evidence that shows this.

Dark Sides Of Eating Red Meat
Dark sides of eating red meat.

However, the iron in red meat contains a protein (heme), when this protein undergoes a chemical change, it will form arcinogenic N-nitroso compounds which can lead to colorectal cancer.

3. Also, eating red meat in excess can cause damage to vital organs in the body and this can shorten an individual’s life span.

4. Also, when you eat red meat, especially in excess, it can harden blood vessels and it can also harden or clog the arteries due to a compound found in red meat (carnitine).

5. There is a higher possibility of having diabetes when you eat excess red meat because of the preservatives they use in preserving them such as nitrosamines.