The Dangers Of Loud Noise On An Individual’s Hearing Ability


– How a loud noise can wreak damage on one’s hearing ability.

– The importance of staying away from anything that can damage the ear.

The human body comprises of various parts and each part or organ of the body serves a unique and specific purpose. When a part is impaired, it can either affect the part alone or extend to some other parts.

The ear, for instance, is the organ for hearing. This organ consists of the pinna, the auditory canal, the eardrum, the malleus, the cochlea, etc.

Also, the way we use our ears and take care of them plays a major role in the proper functioning of the ear, this also applies to other parts of the body.

As part of the ways, we take care of the ear is by avoiding a loud noise. Noise ordinarily, especially when in excess has an adverse effect on the ear.

A noise usually comprises of various sounds that are unwanted. It can also be a sound. However, when you compound loudness with a noise, the effects are usually unhealthy and damaging.

It is important as an individual to take care of the ear because without the ear functioning properly, it will be difficult to hear people or listen to them when they speak.

If not every day, almost every day, we experience different sounds in our environment, when they are at safe level, they do not pose any damage to our hearing.

A loud noise.

However, when sounds are too loud they are harmful to the ear. Also, a bigger problem occurs when the noises are too loud and also last for a long period of time.

The dangers of loud noises on the ear include the following;

1. Sounds that are too loud cause damage to the sensitive structures in the inner ear which affect one’s hearing ability.

2. Loud noise can also result in what we call Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), this can either be partial or total, and either temporary or permanent.

3. Also, loud sounds can cause tinnitus which is a ringing, buzzing, or roaring in the ears or head. This can result in a severe headache and can also damage the ear.

4. There can also be a degeneration of the ear canal.