Breakfast: 9 Healthy Salads To Start Your Day

9 Healthy Salads To Start Your Day


Instead of starting your day with unhealthy fries or some other bunch of unhealthy foods, here are some salads that are not just healthy but care about your weight and still have a great taste.

Sausage, Egg & Avocado Salad

Roll sausage into 1 1/2-inch meatballs. Cook over high heat, stirring until browned on on all sides and cooked through. Set aside to drain and cool. Peel eggs and cut each into 8 pieces. Place in a large mixing bowl with tomatoes, onion, avocado, meatballs, cilantro, salt, and lemon juice.

Nutrition: 531 calories

  • 42 g fat
  • 12 g saturated fat
  • 800 mg sodium
  • 15 g carbs
  • 7.5 g fiber
  • 4.7 g sugar
  • 27 g protein

Butternut, Apple & Egg Salad

This is one of the most health salad for breakfast.

Nutrition: 606 calories

  • 44 g fat
  • 16 g saturated fat
  • 97 mg sodium
  • 43 g carbs
  • 12.4 g fiber
  • 16 g sugar
  • 18.4 g protein



We all know Kale to be very healthy. This breakfast salad is not just healthy but helps those that are trying hard to lose weight.

Nutrition: 143 calories

  • 1 g fat
  • 0 g saturated fat
  • 32 mg sodium
  • 31 g carbs
  • 2.6 g fiber
  • 15 g sugar
  • 4 g protein

Green Goddess dressing & Breakfast Salad

This is another healthy salad for breakfast. It is also a great idea for weight loss. This salad also lower our Cholesterol level and prevent hypertension
Nutrition: 413 calories

  • 25 g fat
  • 7 g saturated fat
  • 547 mg sodium
  • 27 g carbs
  • 7 g fiber
  • 6 g sugar
  • 21 g protein

Berry Quinoa Salad

This is a great idea for breakfast as it contain no chemical content and has o saturated fat which means it’s very healthy and it reduces our cholesterol level. In fact, berries, nuts, and quinoa are the  primary components of this recipe and are all primo sources of antioxidants that karate chop any health-harming free radicals unlucky enough to cross their path.

Nutrition: 365 calories

  • 10 g fat
  • 0 g saturated fat
  • 1 mg sodium
  • 61 g carbs
  • 13 g fiber
  • 8 g sugar
  • 11 g protein

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