BEWARE! 4 Times You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

BEWARE! 4 Times You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

BEWARE! 4 Times You Shouldn't Drink Coffee
It is true that coffee is healthy, as it reduces the risk of dementia, increase metabolism, and reduce risk of skin cancer and more but there are times that we should’t drink coffee. 4 of those times are explained below;

When your brew is way too hot!
If you like to sip your coffee as soon as it’s done brewing, you may want to cool it—literally. Consuming hot drinks above 149ºF may increase the risk of esophageal cancer, according to a new report from the World Health Organization.

That’s a bummer, considering that most American restaurants serve coffee between 145 and 175ºF. If you brew at home, you’re not in the clear either—home coffeemakers typically brew at 185ºF. Adding a splash of milk or cream can lower the temperature, but by only 5 degrees. The best solution? Be patient. A cup of black coffee in a 10 oz ceramic mug typically needs about 5 minutes to cool to a safe-sipping temp of 149ºF.

If you’re prone to anxiety
If you’re feeling on edge, downing cup after cup of joe could be partly to blame. Caffeine has a stimulant effect on the nervous system, says Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE, registered dietitian and author of Naturally Nourished—it causes a release of the stress hormone cortisol, triggering our “fight or flight” response, and has been shown to exacerbate anxiety and sleep problems, particularly in those with panic disorders and social anxiety.

To lessen caffeine’s influence, consider scaling back to one or two 8 oz cups of coffee per day or sipping on a half-decaf half-caffeinated blend, and cutting yourself off about 6 hours before bed.

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