7 Reasons That Make You Experience Muscle Spasm


– The causes of muscle spasms.

– The symptoms and treatments for muscle spasms.

A Spasm refers to a sudden and an involuntary contraction of a muscle in the human body. It is also a violent and a painful seizure of the muscles.

A spasm is also a temporary burst of energy in the muscle which is usually painful. Also, when we talk of muscle spasm, it can occur in any part of the body. In so far the part contains muscle, the spasm can happen.

Muscle spasm.

Almost everyone experiences muscle spasm and when they occur, they always happen without any prior notice, without warning.

You can experience muscle spasm while doing exercise, doing household chores, shoveling and while doing other daily activities.

Also, the severity of the pain of a muscle spam depends on where it occurs and the predisposing factors that contribute to its occurrence.

There are certain causes of muscle spasms, some of them include the following;

1. Dehydration.
2. A previous injury or muscle strain can also cause it.
3. Muscle fatigue.
4. An overuse of the muscle is also a cause. This often happens during a rigorous exercise or when athletes are doing strenuous activities.
5. Electrolyte abnormalities can also cause it.
6. When you overstretch the muscles, the spasm can also occur.
7. Withholding the muscle in a position for too long is also a risk factor.

Also, whenever an individual is experiencing muscle spasm, there are certain symptoms that serve as pointers to this, some of these symptoms are the pain in the affected area, the pain can either be mild or severe.

When muscle spasms occur, the individual has to be calm for a relief to occur because the individual will not be able to do certain activities for the period.

Some of the ways to treat muscle spasm.

Treatments for spasms.
  • Stretch and massage your muscles constantly.
  • Avoid dehydration by stay well hydrated.
  • Avoid staying a position for too long.
  • You can also apply either ice compress or heat compress on the spot.