7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Flat Stomach

Effects of alcohol to your skin
Effects of alcohol to your skin

Candy and soda: Swap soda for water, and candy for fruit, and you will soon find that you will be able to lose weight from your stomach quickly. Soda and candy contain no nutritional value at all, just loads and loads of empty calories. Even diet soda has been proven to make people gain weight, because it increases your craving for sweet foods.

Alcoholic drinks: Next tip on how to get a flat stomach is to avoid alcoholic drinks. It is true that, in moderation, alcohol can help you avoid heart disease, but just like candy, alcoholic drinks contain a lot of useless calories, especially if you drink them mixed with things like Coke. The other problem with alcohol is that it reduces your willpower, so you will be likely to drink far more than you intended and you may eat unhealthy food at the same time as well.

Fruit juice: When you are trying to get a flatter stomach, you need to think about what you drink, as well as what you eat. One of the surprising beverages that you might need to cut down is fruit juice, because that too contains a lot of calories. The problem with fruit juice is that it seems so healthy and natural and you might think that drinking it all day long would be fine, but you should really limit yourself to just one glass of fruit juice a day.

Salt: Another good tip on how to get a flat stomach is to stop adding salt to your food and avoid processed food that contains a lot of it, because salt will make you retain water and that will cause bloating of the stomach. Most food has plenty of salt in it already, so you shouldn’t really need to add more at mealtimes.