6 Simple Tips To Help You Make Friends

6 Simple Tips To Help You Make Friends

making friends
6 Simple Tips To Help You Make Friends

Making Friends

You want to have (more) friends but think yourself too shy? Or maybe you simply want to get better at making friends? You should know that making friends may not be as hard as it always seemed or as cumbersome as you may have thought. There are simple things that you can do to become more friendly and make new friends.

These 6 tips will come in handy;

Get out more

Many people who complain that they don’t have friends are those who never really go out or attend any social gathering. If you’re the type of person who only gets out when you’re going to work, then you need to do better.

Try to attend when you’re invited to those weddings, birthdays and other events; those are places where you can make friends.

Smile more

Smiling does help; sometimes people want to get to know you more but you just seem so unapproachable. This is especially true if you find that you’ve not been able to make any friends in places where you find yourself regularly, like your neighbourhood or workplace.

The key to unlocking the possibility of friendships might just be smiling some more.

Initiate conversation

It might seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before but it’s not that hard.  Try to walk up to someone you would like to know better and strike up a simple conversation with them.

You could ask them a simple, not too nosy, question or start a conversation about your location, the event you’re both attending or something you know both of you are familiar with.

Invite someone out

This is good if you have someone in mind that you’ve always wanted to befriend but have been timid or shy about it.

Inviting that neighbour or co-worker out for something like a movie, a wedding or some other social gathering, could be the beginning of that friendship you’ve always desired.

Throw a party

It could be something little. If you want more friends, having a little bash to mark your birthday instead of going solo and quiet like you’ve always done, might be a good idea.

Sure, it will put you in the spotlight but it will give you access to talking to more people and registering yourself as an acquaintance and for friendship. You can invite all those people you’d like to get to know better.

Make up with old friends

If you’ve found a good friend that you can trust and have lots of fun with, then there’s no point losing that person if you can do something about it.

If you need to apologize or just be the more mature person to keep your friendship with that special person, then please do it.