6 Reasons You Should Avoid Diet Sodas

6 Reasons You Should Avoid Diet Sodas

6 Reasons You Should Avoid Diet Sodas

No nutritional value

It is true that you are not ingesting any calories when you drink a diet soda, but you aren’t getting anything out of it either. At least with water your body receives an essential liquid with minerals.


People who consume large quantities of diet soda increase their risk of Type 2 diabetes by 80 per cent. 80 per cent! That’s a huge number when you are talking about your health. Read of the bitter truth about diabetes.

Heart Disease

The artificial sweeteners in diet soda have been shown in studies to increase your risk of developing heart disease and/or diabetes. Heart disease is currently one of the leading causes of death.



Diet sodas have a strong association to obesity. People who drank diet sodas have a more than 70 per cent chance of gaining weight, mainly around the waist, and those who drink it heavily, up to a 500 per cent chance.

Bad for your Bones

Women over 60, or those that are post-menopausal, are at a greater risk than men for osteoporosis. Researchers at Tufts University discovered that drinking sodas, including diet, makes the problem that much worse.
Females who drank colas had a 4 per cent lower bone density in the hips than non-soda drinkers.

Kidney Troubles

All sodas, including diet, contain phosphoric acid, in very high quantities. This amount of acid can lead to the formation of kidney stones or other types of damage to your kidney function. Damaged kidneys can mean dialysis or possibly even a transplant.