5 Chemicals in Your Home that are KILLING Your Hormones

5 Chemicals in Your Home that are KILLING Your Hormones

5 Chemicals in Your Home that are KILLING Your Hormones

Glycol Ethers

This is commonly found house paint and sometimes household cleaners. This chemical has been linked to a lower sperm count.
When you are getting ready to paint check that your selections does not include the chemicals EGBE or DEGME.


Bisphenol A, aka BPA, is found in many, many plastics, and the lining of tin cans that are used for food.
Research shows that BPA can lower sperm count, obesity, miscarriage, and has other harmful effects on the human reproductive system. Over exposure has been linked to various cancers and immune system malfunction.
Avoid those thermal receipts from grocery stores and the plastic recycling codes 3 and 7, as those numbers indicate that those products contain BPA


Again, this is a chemical everyone knows is deadly but it’s still found in many places in America.
If you own or are refinishing an older house, be extremely careful when removing old paint and wear both a mask and gloves to protect yourself.
Also, since it is sometimes found in groundwater, use a good quality filter for your drinking water.

Organophospate Pesticides

Believe it or not, this use to be a chemical weapon designed by the Nazi’s of Germany! Now it is used mainly as a pesticide.
Although this chemical hasn’t received as much media attention as some other dangerous chemicals, early research has shown a link between these chemicals and a neurotoxic effect in children.
Eat organic and avoid exposing yourself to these types of dangerous pesticides.


This chemical is found in many plastics and beauty products such as lotions and creams.
Since phthalates destroy the cells in your immune system, throw out any beauty product that you find contain phthalates.