5 Basic Ways To Stop Snoring

– Reasons why people snore when they sleep.

– Simple ways to stop snoring.

Snoring involves the action of breathing during sleeping with a harsh, snorting and annoying noise. When people snore, they make sounds that are often caused by the vibration of the soft palate.

Also, snoring occurs due to the lack of freely moving air through the nose and throat during sleep.

The habit of snoring if often annoying and it causes a lot of disturbance to those sleeping around the person.

Also. most times, the person snoring might not know that he or she is snoring unless someone tells him or her. Frustration comes especially when you are sleeping close to a partner (person) that is snoring aloud.


However, it will surprise you that everyone snores occasionally especially when we are tired, whether you believe it or not. Snoring is caused by a lot of things, we will consider this in another article.

The major point of attention here is how to stop the act of snoring. There are some things you could that will help you stop snoring, although it requires consistency.

Some of the ways to stop snoring include the following;

1. Body fitness

For those that are overweight or those at the edge of being overweight, it is necessary that you watch your fitness level. Get your body weight back to normal.

Research shows it that people who are obese have a higher tendency of snoring. Excess or extra fat in the body can cause the airway to be more narrow and affect normal breathing by creating an obstruction in the oropharynx during sleep.

Also, reducing your weight can lead to healthier sleep.

2. Have a good sleeping position

This is also a vital way to stop snoring. Side sleeping can help you when you sleep on your back, it also increases the tendency of snoring.

3. Also, it is important that you limit or avoid alcohol and sedatives, taking them can make your snoring get worse.

4. You can also visit an allergist to help you check the cause of your snoring in part by an allergen or by some other causes. This will help you know the proper method to apply in stopping your snoring.

5. Regular throat and tongue exercise is also helpful to stop snoring.

Also, taking vitamin C, peppermint oil, and goldenseal, can also be effective.