4 Simple steps to stop a snorer from snoring

4 Simple steps to stop a snorer from snoring

4 Simple steps to stop a snorer from snoring

According to the Author of Sleep Smarter and founder of The Model Health Show, Shawn Stevenson. Why not get rid of all the poking and prodding, cause that ain’t going to work at all. No matter how many times you nudge your bed mate, those sleep-breaking snores won’t stop. “Heading it off in the first place, and creating a situation where the snoring cannot happen is the real solution. The approach? Train the snorer. Aggravated bed partners, check out these snoring solutions.

Try to re-position.

When your partner is the snoring type, Why not train that your partner to sleep in the right positions. “Side sleepers snore radically less than people who sleep on their back or stomach,” says Stevenson.

Drink plenty of water.

Make sure the snorer stays hydrated throughout the day, especially before bedtime to help ease the dryness of the throat.

Make a lifestyle change.

“It’s different for everyone, but for the majority of cases, cyclically the person is overweight or has too much body fat,” Stevenson added. “As a result, their breathing pathways collapse when they’re sleeping.” Become a healthier version of yourself, and get the extra weight off your frame.

Tweak eating habits.

Avoid eating too late at night, and especially skip eating colds foods and dairy, Stevenson recommends. These foods tend to create more mucus and close off the breathing pathways. Sorry, that means no ice cream before bed.