5 Signs You Need To Leave The Relationship


Sometimes, you just have to move on and leave everything behind because no matter how hard you try, it won’t work. If these five things are happening in your relationship, you need to move-on.

1. No interest in commitment when that?s important to you

Why stay with someone who won?t commit to you? Maybe they?ll come around, but you can?t change them (see number #2). If you?re interested in marriage and they?re not, it?s probably not going to happen. You should find someone who wants to commit to you and the relationship.

2. If you think you can ?fix? something about them

News flash: The only person you can change is yourself. So if you think you can go into or stay in a relationship and change your partner, think again. Only if your partner wants to change, will they actually try to change. If something major needs fixing, you?re better off without that relationship.

3. A major character flaw

If your partner has an addiction to drugs, has problems with alcoholism, has cheated habitually in the past or is doing so currently, or if they have the terrible habit of constantly telling lies, you may want to run the other way. If they?re willing to work on their problem with a professional, reconsider the relationship only after they have truly changed.

4. Extreme jealousy and lack of trust for no reason

If your partner gets jealous if you talk to another person, keeps you on a short leash with your friendships, time out of the house is monitored or if you have no privacy (think phones, journals, computer, etc.), this may be a huge sign that you?re not in a good relationship. Relationships require trust. You can?t build a relationship on jealousy and distrust.

5 . If ANY type of abuse is present ? verbal, physical or s*xual

Abuse toward you or a child is not OK ? ever. No one deserves to be treated in an abusive way, even if the abuser says it?s your fault. Belittling, name-calling, hitting, controlling, manipulating and anything else that makes you feel less-than, is abuse. Even within a marriage, if you don?t consent to s*xual relations and you?re forced into them, that is s*xual abuse. Use family or friends to help you get out of that situation ? NOW. If needed, look for a shelter for victims. Abuse in any form is never OK.

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