10 Things You Might Regret at Age 60

10 Things You Might Regret at Age 60

10 Things You Might Regret at Age 60

Am over 60 and all my class mates and former play mates are also in their 60’s and when we meet and talk, i realize that most of us wish they paid attentions to certain things when we were younger. If you’re in your 20’s 0r 30’s you think being 60 is such a long way off, but the truth is that it isn’t. Because you’d be 60 before you know it.

So in this piece, the hope of helping someone to avoid this regrets at 60, i share with you based on my findings and true life experience 10 things you will regret at age 60, and if you’d do something about this now then be ensured that your old age would become glorious and enjoyable..

1. Not making the most of time.

Time is a raw material of life, when you waste time you’re wasting your life. Yet many young people waste lots of time in all kinds of ways. they think they have all the time inn the world and so they don’t live with urgency, not taking time management seriously. In your 60’s you would ask yourself, where all the 60yrs have gone? You’d regret not making the most of your time.

2. Lack of saving or investments.

It is easy to get into the habits of hand to mouth and not having up saving for the future. Also it is very easy never to consider investing. When you’re young you’d think your income is not enough and you would Waite for the day when you’re earning a bigger income to save. But the truth is to be with a little adjustment in your lifestyle and expenditures, you can get to save on the same income you are on.

It takes discipline but if you don’t learn that discipline when you’re earning that little then you’d still not be able to save when you’re earning big and with lack of saving and investments would make that your old age difficult and without dignity.

3. Not spending much time with your family.

When you’re young, there’s this temptation to put your family last. You’re busy climbing the corporate ladder, busy making yourself a name for the community, you wake up early and rush out of the house and get back late when everyone is already asleep and during the weekend when you’re suppose to connect and relax with your family you’re busy chasing money.

Before you know it you’re already on retirement then you’re alone or lonely. You know when you don’t make time for your family, they grows apart from you and get use to living their life without you. In your 60’s you’d be on retirement now having all the time in the world with your family always coming around. But they would find it difficult fixing you into their lifestyle and their status since you never took them into yours.

4. Not reading enough.

When you’re younger, you get so busy running around that you hardly have the time to sit down reading a book. Many educated people in their 30’s have not spared the time to read books since they left school. in your 60’s you’d realize the harm you’ve done yourself by not reading enough and you would regret that very much.

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