Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease, Weight Loss; 5 Reasons You Should Try Using a Chopstick

Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease, Weight Loss; 5 Reasons You Should Try Using a Chopstick


Chopsticks are smoothed and frequently dwindled kitchen utensil commonly made up of bamboo. They are the best kitchen utensil for slow eating which contributes greatly to healthy living. There are several health benefits of eating with chopsticks, some of theme are explained below;

Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease

A recent study conducted by scientists at the National University of Singapore and the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre in Singapore suggests that eating with chopsticks may reduce your risk of chronic disease.

The researchers compared participants who used spoons, hands and chopsticks. Blood sugar levels rose at a much slower rate for those who ate a bowl of rice with chopsticks compared to those who ate with spoons or hands. This means their glycemic response was reduced by using chopsticks, but still maintaining the same food eaten.

This implies that a lower glycemic response can reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, like obesity and heart disease.

Promotes Weight Loss

Gobbling food make us overeat as it takes our brain some time to register what are stomach contains.

Have you ever tried gobbling food with chopsticks?

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are with these Eastern eating utensils, you just can’t do it.  Eating with chopsticks forces you to slow down and take smaller bites of food. Thus, giving your stomach time to access that you are eating and getting full. This way you end up eating less over a longer period of time.

Separates meat from Bones

This is one of the greatest advantages of chopsticks over fork. Chopsticks easily removes meats and fishes from bones. It seperates them faster than fork.

 Precision eating

Most of the East Asian cuisines are prepared with meats. And vegetables cut/cook in bite size proportions. The chopsticks are perfect to select such food which is served in smaller pieces.

There are a variety of chopsticks available, Such as birch wooden chopsticks, round chopsticks, twin chopsticks, and many more.

Moreover, the availability of an array of chopsticks make them all the more apt to use.

Perfect for picking up Rice

Chopsticks are also perfect for picking up rice, in particular the sticky quality that is very common in Asian diets.

Asia is known for the long grain rice that becomes clumpy when cooked and create sticky bundles.

Such sticky bundles of rice are super easy to pick with the chopsticks.


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