Ladies, Simple Ways To Keep Your Stomach Flat

Keep Your Stomach FlatLadies, Lifestyle, Gilrs 9jastreet.comhealthy-vagina-Most guys are seriously pissed when they see attractive lady with big stomach. Keeping flat stomach is not that hard, it is so much easier than most of you think it is. In this challenging world of today, Who doesn?t want a flat stomach? Especially since tight dresses and crop tops are taking the fashion world by storm again. In his usual ways, Your darling writer Owolabi Victor have some little tricks and tips that you can use in order to keep your stomach flat year round. The following are the Easiest Ways To Keep Your Stomach Flat No Matter What You Eat:

1. ?Don?t eat 4 hours before you go to bed

Think about it, if you are eating, then retiring to your bedroom right away and dozing off to sleep, you?re not actually taking the time to let your food properly digest, and it doesn?t give you the opportunity to burn off those calories during your everyday activities. ?Therefore, the weight is just going to sit on you, and you?re going to gradually start noticing that bulge in your stomach area getting bigger and bigger!

2. ?Drink a cup of water before and after you eat

Not only is water good for you, but it can also trick your body into thinking that it is fuller than it actually is. ?If you drink a bottle of water before you eat, you?ll avoid the urge to overeat, and by drinking a bottle of water after you eat, you will once again secure that full feeling in your body..Don?t worry about the water weight, it?ll drop off pretty quickly obviously.

?3. ?25 crunches before bed, 25 crunches when you wake up

This is mandatory! You didn?t think that you were going to be able to get flat stomach by doing literally ZERO exercise, did you? Even still, 50 crunches a day is not so bad. ?Once you get into the habit of it, you?ll even start to find the routine to be quite a breeze.


culled from Naijaexclusive