How to easily control your sugar level

 how to control your sugar level
how to control your sugar level

It is important to learn how to control your sugar level if you have diabetes because its a very deadly disease especially the Type 2 diabetes which is very life threatening, if not brought under control.

Following your doctor’s orders and staying healthy are the best ways on how to control your sugar level. Here are the most effective ways on how to control your sugar level without prescription:

1. Exercise: You need to be active at least 20 to 30 minutes each day to solve insulin resistance problems. Don’t skip a workout; make sure you stick to the exercise plan. It helps if you choose an exercise or a workout routine that you like, so you don’t feel like quitting – especially when you’re just starting out.

2. Spice: There’s one healthy spice that is perfect for people with diabetes and that’s cinnamon. Research has shown that this simple spice can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Sensitivity to the mentioned hormone has become a common problem in people with diabetes. What cinnamon does is that it prevents the body from using too much insulin, which helps reduce diabetes symptoms.

3. Avoid: If you have diabetes, it is important that you keep yourself away from sugary food and drink. A study performed by scientists at the University of Massachusetts showed that people who exercise do have 40% less risk for diabetes. However, if they drink sugary sports drinks, the positive effects are lost because the calories and energy burned are immediately replaced by the carbs gained from the drink.

4. Eat: There are plenty of foods for people with diabetes as well as those who are trying to lower their blood sugar to prevent the disease. Among them are seeds, particularly sunflower and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are high in magnesium, which is the best mineral needed by the body to fight insulin resistance.
Other foods diabetics should eat are:

Couscous which is rich in fiber that slows down carbs digestion, thus helpful for blood sugar problems
Garlic to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels
Avocados which lowers metabolic syndrome risk with the help of monounsaturated fats
Blueberries with anthocyanins and fiber that increases insulin sensitivity
Small steps, that’s the key: Of course, don’t take too much sugar if you don’t want diabetes.
These small, simple steps can help you control your blood sugar levels, so diabetes will not affect your life as much as possible. Along with minimizing your salt or sodium intake, the above mentioned methods will surely help you stabilize your blood sugar and keep diabetes away.



 how to control your sugar level
how to control your sugar level

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