Heart Disease: 15 Foods That Are Killing You

Heart Disease: 15 Foods That Are Killing You

Heart Disease: 15 Foods That Are Killing You

It is better to prevent heart disease than to be finding cure when the situation is out of control. These foods are not good for your heart as they do more harm than good. Read below;


When you keep chicken inside a deep fryer, it’s nutritional reality changes very fast. In fact, one 4-ounce serving of fried chicken with the skin on it has as much cholesterol as 11 strips of sizzling bacon! Do your heart a favor and opt for a more heart-healthy piece of poultry.


Veggies may be a cornerstone of a blood-pressure-friendly diet, but not the ones that come out of a can. The preservatives and sauces that keep the vitamin-filled veggies company inside the container are packed with sodium. Look for “no salt added” or “low sodium” options and be sure to rinse your veggies thoroughly before digging in.


Butter alternatives like margarine are often made with partially-hydrogenated oils, one of the most common sources of trans-fats. Trans-fats are only dangerous for the heart, they may also accelerate the skin’s aging process by making the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.


Traditional coffee creamers are prime sources of trans-fats, often hiding under the guise of its lesser-known name: hydrogenated oil. Trans fats have been shown to raise cholesterol levels and diminish memory in adults under 45 years old.


The salt content is Tomato Sauce makes it unhealthy for the heart. Most brand of Tomato sauce packs a whopping 830 milligrams of sodium which is ridiculously high.

To keep your blood pressure from spiking, look for jars of tomato sauce with fewer than 350 milligrams per half-cup serving.


While whole grains can reduce your risk of dying of heart disease by nearly 20 percent but nutrient-stripped refined grains have the opposite effect on your health. In fact, in one study of more than 350,00 people, those who ate the most white rice were at greatest risk for type 2 diabetes—can’t say we’re too shocked. Bottom line: Stick with whole grains to ward off the disease.


Frozen dinners may be quick and easy options when you’re time strapped, but they’re also loaded with sodium. Yes, even the healthy-sounding options. Two prime examples: Lean Cuisine’s Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables packs 620 milligrams of sodium and Special K’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich carries 700 milligrams—or just under half a day’s worth. When you’re in the freezer aisle, look for meals with less than 500 milligrams per serving.


We know that baking a pie isn’t easy—but tread carefully in the land of frozen lattices and crumble tops. Frozen desserts one of the most potent sources of trans-fat in the supermarket. In fact, Marie Callender’s Lattice Apple Pie packs 3 grams of the stuff per slice—that’s more than you should eat in an entire day. One 14 year study of 80,000 women found a positive correlation between heart disease and the consumption of foods containing trans fatty acids so it’s better to stay away

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