Health Tips: Simple Methods To Reduce Sweating

Methods To Reduce Sweating obama-sweating

Sweating is good thing since it helps one to know he or she is in a good physiological state especially when undergoing vigorous exercises. While sweating is a natural body process beneficial to human health, excessive sweating is not normal and it can create different problems in people’s lives.

Excessive sweating during normal daily activities is embarrassing and can cause low self-esteem and low confidence.

However, some people are more prone to sweating more than other people which is something that may not be palatable. Here are some tips on how to reduce the way you sweat.

Reduce your salt: When you consume large amount of salt, your body works hard to get rid of the excessive sodium by sweating, therefore reduce your intake of salt.

Shave your armpit: Shaving your armpit reduces the moisture build up as it allows more air to reach the skin, the air cools the skin and make the sweat evaporate. The accumulation of sweat on the hair in the armpit promotes the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours.

Caffeine intake: Caffeine can over-stimulate the central nervous system causing the release of adrenaline into the body and raising the internal temperature which can cause the body to sweat.

 Yoga: Yoga and meditation is the best natural way to  control excessive sweating, they calm the nerves and reduce sweat production. Yoga works well when one is stressed out or feeling uneasy.

Water: This is a vital way of flushing out all excess minerals and pushing out all toxins and waste products. This leads the body to low body temperature and produces less sweat.Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to reduce sweating.

Eat fruits and vegetable: Fresh fruits such as cherries, watermelons, apples, oranges etc vegetables suchs as tofu, beans, salad and even red meat, egg, fish gives the body required amount of nutrient when consumed with low fat oil and reduces sweating.

Cold shower: Cold water works wonder, use antibacterial soap to ensure the body is clean and odour free.

Acupuncture: This simple, ancient technique works wonders, it targets certain body parts to balance energy and also relaxes the brain by controlling the hypothalamus which leads to sweat reduction.

Antiperspirant: When it comes to controlling and stopping sweats in the armpit is the use of an antiperspirant but be sure to buy quality when buying an antiperspirant.

Natural supplements: Take natural supplements that contains vitamin B complex, vitamin C and E, zinc, essential fatty acids, lecithin capsule etc. They are natural supplements and remedies that can be use to treat excessive sweating.

Sugary and spicy foods: Stay away from sugary and spicy foods because they cause the body to sweat more frequently.

Tomato juice: Drink tomato juice. It helps to reduce sweating.