Guys, 5 Signs She’s Just Using You

Signs She’s Just Using You

The Gold Digger

You’ve probably at one point in time or another come across these ones, especially if you’re financially buoyant. Whether or not you spend on her is up to you and that doesn’t make her a gold digger. However, what does make her a gold digger is if after spending a lot of your resources on her, she still rebuffs your advances, doesn’t show any interest in you; but she wants you to keep taking care of her bills, taking her to places with no sign that the relationship is moving forward over time.

Spending much more on her thinking she’ll grow to like or want you is wasting your time and your hard earned money.

If she isn’t into you when you take her to the movies or a picnic in the park, make no mistakes bro, taking her to 5 star dining won’t make a difference either…talk to your legs.

She’s Still Into Her Ex

If she’s the type that can’t get over her ex, it’s probably ’cause she still got feelings for him and chances are they are still having intimate relationship.

When her emotions are elsewhere, you’ll never connect on a deeper level. Though you might be able to have a fling or a rebound relationship with her, have it in mind that you may not progress any further.

The “Let’s Just Be Friends

This classic line is what most women say to let a guy down gently. That’s just her being nice and not telling you bluntly that she’s not interested. Truth is, she doesn’t see you as a potential romantic partner. If this is what she says anytime you make advances, bruh, you’ve been friend-zoned. You should move on as quickly as possible to avoid wasting your time and putting yourself through a fruitless emotional see-saw.

She’s Not That Into You

No matter how hard you try to impress her, she’s just not interested in you. There’s nothing worse than falling for these type of women and it’s even more worse if she’s a colleague, a friend or someone you come in contact with everyday. Seeing each other regularly makes getting over her almost impossible as the feelings rekindles anytime you set eyes on her.

The best you can do is to avoid her and cut contact for a while. If you’re colleagues or close friends, it might be impossible to avoid her completely, it will help if you keep things proffessional or friendly for a while, at least till you find someone else or have totally erased the feelings you have for her.

She’s Always “Busy”

If she’s the type that always give excuses about being busy, chances are she only sees you as a guy she can have at her beck and call. You need to turn the table around, make yourself ‘unavailable’. The next time she gives those excuses, avoid her for a week or more. That might give her enough time to realize that she misses you or that she actually likes you.

But if she’s still as elusive as ever, ditch her bro and move on to the next one, I mean there’s no point in staying in touch with someone who can’t be bothered to invest some time in you.

There are too many women out there to stick to someone who don’t appreciate you or your worth.
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