5 Shocking side effects of Carrots

 side effects of Carrots
side effects of Carrots

We all know Carrot to be a very good fruit, one of the common fruit that helps the body in several ways. However, too much of Carrots has side effects, some of them are shared below;

1. Unsafe For Babies:

Some studies prove that carrots are unsafe for small children. That is why it is important to feed young babies only small portions of carrot

2. Not A Good Option For Diabetic People:

Consuming carrots is not a good option for diabetic people. They have high sugar content with a glycaemic index of 97. The sugar gets converted into glucose and raises sugar levels in the body quickly. It is best for diabetic people to consume steamed carrots in small amounts.

3. Not A Good Option For Breastfeeding Women:

Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are very important for the body. But studies have proven that carrot changes the flavor of breast milk. So breast feeding women should avoid drinking carrot juice in excess.

4. Skin Discoloration:

Carrots leave the skin abnormally yellow to orange in color, when taken in large amounts. This discoloration is caused by beta carotene, a carotenoid content in carrots. This discoloration can be seen on palms, hands, face and soles of the feet.

5. Nutrient Absorption:

Generally fiber interferes with the absorption of zinc, iron, magnesium and other nutrients in the body. Consuming carrots in large quantity can result in deficiency of these vital nutrients, which are essential for the body. They lack fat and protein, which are vital for your body too.

Culled from an article on stylecraze.com