4 Best Breakfast Ideas You Should Try

4 Best Breakfast Ideas You Should Try


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is important to know the kind of food to eat in the morning depending on individual. Read the 4 Best Breakfast Ideas You Should Try below;

The best breakfast idea if you’re still full from last night

First things first: Eat! “That will keep your metabolism going,” Cheffer says. Nibble on something light within an hour of waking up such as a piece of fruit. And next time push back dinnertime. Eating two to three hours before going to sleep—including snacks—will give your body ample time to digest everything before the a.m.

The best breakfast idea if you’re to burn fat

Repeat after us: A grande skinny caramel macchiato is not a breakfast. For the same wake-you-up buzz of caffeine and healthful antioxidants and no calories, have green tea. Then make one or two eggs—the whole thing, not just the whites since more than half of the fill-you-up protein is in the yolk—with a piece of fruit such as an apple or a cup of raspberries. This all clocks in between 135 to 240 calories and has 7 to 14 grams of protein and 4.5 to 8 grams of fiber to provide staying power until lunch, Cheffer says.

The best breakfast idea if you can’t stomach a lot of food

The last thing you want is something that sits like a rock in your gut, so an easy-to-digest smoothie is the way to go. Keep it healthy by blending frozen fruit and milk or a non-dairy alternative (for ideas, check out these delicious smoothie recipes). Or buy a bottled one that contains less than 30 grams of sugar per serving and protein to slow the rate that your body absorbs that sugar and keep you fuller longer, Cheffer says. Either way, sip slowly through the morning for a dose of important vitamins and minerals.

The best breakfast idea after morning Yoga

Breakfast isn’t one-size-fits-all for yogis. Intense, athletic-style classes call for any of the options listed previously for cardio or strength workouts. Since milder versions of yoga typically don’t burn as many calories, Macedonio recommends a piece of fruit or a container of applesauce before heading to the studio to pump up energy without weighing you down during an inversion.

Following any type of downward dog session, chopped fruit stirred into a container of fat-free or low-fat plain yogurt is a good bet, as it delivers (say it with us) carbs and protein to recharge your body.

Culled from an article on Shape.com