Guys, 5 traits of a happy and fun guy that girls like

Guys, 5 traits of a happy and fun guy that girls like

man and woman talking across airplane isle

If you’re still wondering how to make a girl laugh, well, you know what it takes already. All you need now is the confidence and a bit of practice.

But just to give you the edge in your attitude, here are 5 traits you need that will help draw girls to you every time you talk to them.

#1 Be cheerful. Laugh and have fun. Look at the bright side of everything. When you’re laughing, the world laughs with you. And the world would definitely like you too!

#2 Have a positive attitude. Be an optimist. You can’t be a funny guy and make girls laugh unless you’re able to see the fun and happy side of every story.

#3 Apologize. If you ever cross the line or come across as a rude guy, have the presence of mind to correct your joke or apologize if it insults the girl.

#4 Don’t try too hard. If the funny situations don’t crop up while talking to a girl, don’t try too hard to say something funny in the hope of making her laugh. She may laugh, but in her head, she may be waiting to get away from you.

#5 Be yourself. Be funny without losing who you are. There’s Mr. Bean funny and there’s Hugh Grant funny. Be the funny you can be. All of us have our own ways of being funny, be it like a clown or like a satirist.

Being a funny guy and making a girl laugh is simple, once you understand how to use the situations around you. Initially, it may seem rather complicated. But with time, you’d become really smooth and you’d be able to sweet talk any girl you like in a sentence or two!

Be patient, don’t lose heart and most importantly, don’t lose your composure in front of the girl.