?I Won?t Coach? I Want To Live Like A King? – Ronaldo Reveals Retirement Plan


World famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his retirement plans. He revealed that he has no intention of trying to be a coach. He also made it known that he has no intention of being a club manager or president, he aid money, cars, houses are not everything. Read more below;

In an interview with?El Mundo?s Papel,?Ronaldo said;

There is another life after football. ?I think at first it will cost a bit, but if you ask me now if I want to coach, I say no. Neither a club manager or president. You can say you have the best job, money, cars, houses? But that is not everything. An example, on Saturday there is a boxing match in Las Vegas and I would like to take my family and friends but I cannot because I have no time. But after (football) I want to live like a king.?